Knislinge Sofa Review | Is That Couch by Ikea Comfortable?

Did you know that a budget sofa lasts only about a year? Ikea Knislinge is inexpensive but will last you at least 10 years.

I recommend this model to my PT clients with a limited budget. My colleagues from orthopedics and massage therapy helped me understand why it works and which couch serves as a good alternative. Now, you have access to this research.

Firstly, this sofa takes the pressure off your back, so it allows you to unwind, watch TV, read, or nap. Secondly, the Knislinge can correct your posture and comes in three classic colors that complement your room. However, if you want plush support, you can read more about the alternative solution below.

  • It relieves your pressure, tension, and pain
  • It offers you firm support cushions
  • It’s soft and easy to clean
  • It keeps you in a correct posture
  • It’s good for napping, reading, or watching TV
  • You might need to refill the memory foam cushions after a few years
  • The black leather sofa is prone to cracks, while the black and grey microfiber models are prone to stains
  • Not for extensive wear and tear

So, if you have a limited budget and want a comfortable couch for your dorm room or apartment, choose the Ikea Knislinge faux leather.

About The IKEA Knislinge

IKEA Knislinge Sofa

The IKEA Knislinge is an affordable, comfortable sofa that offers you good back and neck support. This 3-seat couch reminds you of your childhood couch because it’s so big and contouring.

The bonus is you get a 10-year limited warranty to ascertain its quality. However, some reviewers say the Ikea sofa won’t last that long. Read along to find out why.

SUMMARY: It is comfortable for hours. You can use it for napping, reading, or watching TV. Get this sofa if you want an affordable, cozy couch that will last you for years.

Features & Benefits

I recommend this model to my clients with a limited budget who have back, and neck pain, poor posture, or will sit down for hours. If you too face these issues, it will be a good choice for you too because it has:

  • A high back. The backrest will allow you to lean back and get good neck and shoulder support. If you pressure points or painful areas in your upper body, the backrest will take the pressure off them.
  • Ikea KnislingeAn ergonomic design. The slightly reclined backrest and tilted seat meet at an acute angle. Thanks to this design, your spine and hips will be aligned correctly, so you can maintain the right posture. Sitting on this sofa for longer can actually correct your posture in the long run.
  • Memory foam seats. The seat cushions are firm rather than cushiony, so you won’t sink into them or bounce. This firm support allows you to keep your hips open at a correct angle, which alleviates your lower back or sciatica pain. However, these cushions won’t keep their shape for years, especially if you’re a couch potato.
  • Waterfall edge. The soft rounded edge improves your blood circulation and feels comfortable on your thighs. The reason is the edge doesn’t dig into your hamstrings like that of other couches.
  • Microfiber or polyester cover. The sectional sofa cover is made with mostly polyester and polyurethane. The Ikea black leather sofa is as smooth as faux leather and also easy for you to clean quickly. The downsides are it tends to crack with time, and you can’t remove it for machine washing. However, the Ikea Knislinge sofa brown and grey have fabric-like upholstery that’s more prone to stains.
  • Tilted, well-padded armrests. These armrests offer you plush support for your arms when you’re sitting upright. That way, you can minimize neck and shoulder pain. Besides, they’re also inclined so you can nap comfortably on them.
  • Three color options. Both the black, brown, and grey models have a classic look that complements your living room décor. However, according to some Knislinge Sofa Samsta Dark Gray reviews, the grey sofa will become slightly dull after some years of use.

SUMMARY: It is a supportive, comfortable couch for long hours. Get this model if you want a low-maintenance, cozy couch for napping or watching TV. However, keep in mind it’s not the best model for extended wear and tear.


The three Knislinge Sofa models have different specifications in terms of materials and size. You already know the Black model has faux-leather-like upholstery, while the Brown and Grey have microfiber upholsteries. These materials require different care, but they also have different dimensions:

Dimensions/ ColorBlackBrownGrey
Width80 3/4”80 3/4”80 3/4”
Depth35”37 3/8”37 3/8”
Height under furniture3 1/8”2”2”
Armrest height21 5/8”7 1/8”7 1/8”
Seat width65”59”59”
Seat depth21 5/8”21 5/8”21 5/8”
Seat height17 3/4”17 3/8”17 3/8”


Get the Ikea black sofa bed if:

  • You want a shiny, easy-to-wipe clean sofa because it’s made with PU
  • You’re taller or prefer to sit with your legs on the floor because it’s higher
  • You want more room to use the vacuum under it because it has a higher distance from the floor
  • It accommodates more people because it’s wider

Get the Ikea Brown or Grey models if:

  • You want a soft, breathable sofa because they’re made with microfiber
  • You want a better sofa for napping or for sitting with your legs crossed because they’re deeper and not that high
  • You and your family aren’t in the big and heavy category because these models are narrower

PRO TIP: If you want the best of both worlds, consider the Ikea microfiber sectional because it’s roomy for more people, as well as better for napping. Otherwise, consider this useful Reddit hack.

SUMMARY: Get this Ikea model that’s best for your needs. The black Knislinge is lower-maintenance and best for sitting, while the Grey and brown models are better if you want to nap frequently.

Reliability and Warranty

Ikea Knislinge comes with a 10-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

10 Year WarrantyYou can trust you’ll get a reliable warranty because Ikea itself is a trustworthy company.

You can claim the warranty if something isn’t right with your frame and cushions, but not the couch covers.

Ikea will either repair or replace your couch, supporting all the necessary costs.

Remember, this warranty isn’t valid if you’ve installed or used the couch incorrectly. Intentional damages aren’t covered either.

SUMMARY: The 10-year limited warranty ensures you’ll get a couch that will last you for years. However, the upholstery isn’t covered by this warranty and many reviewers agree it’s not that durable.

Benefits of Best Ikea Couch Knislinge

We already talked a bit about the benefits of this couch for your posture and painful parts. You also saw that each model has a particular set of advantages. Let’s summarize these benefits so you’ll know what to expect:

Knislinge DimensionsThe Knislinge Couch:

  • Is affordable
  • Is comfortable for hours
  • Corrects your posture because it has an ergonomic design
  • Takes the pressure off your back and hamstrings
  • Improves your blood circulation
  • Offers you good shoulder and neck support to decrease shoulder pain
  • Allows you to nap comfortably, especially if you choose the Black or Grey models
  • Is easy to clean, especially if you choose the Black model
  • Has a classic design and colors that allow you to easily pair it with any Ikea ottoman or chaise to complete your living room set

SUMMARY: This couch is an affordable couch that provides you with the comfort you need to stay seated for hours. Get this model if you want a supportive, durable sofa to alleviate your pain and correct your posture.


Shipping depends on the location of your nearest store because Ikea Knislinge allows only in-store purchases.

Check on Ikea’s website to see if your local store has this model available. If yes, you should order online, and you can get it at the store on the same day.

If you want someone to deliver your couch to you, you still have to go to the store. Ikea offers:

  • Next-day delivery
  • Rates starting at $89 depending on your zip code
  • White-glove delivery directly to the room where you want your couch

SUMMARY: Get this model if you want quick, safe delivery into your home. If you don’t want to pay the delivery fee, you can get the sofa directly from the Ikea store. The downside is you can’t purchase this sofa online.

User Reviews, What Customers are Saying?

Most people agree you’ll get a comfortable, sturdy, and easy-to-clean couch.

However, some people dislike the firm seat support, especially for napping. If you, too, prefer cushiony sofas, that might be a problem for you. Luckily, you have plenty of time to test it at your Ikea store.

Some people also complain the couch is not deep enough for napping. However, if you’re not a big person and don’t move a lot during sleep, you will find the Knislinge is roomy enough.

People also agree that Knislinge is best for your man-cave or she-shed. This couch isn’t for 24/7 use, though you should definitely put it on your Ikea first apartment list.

SUMMARY: Most reviewers agree that this model is a comfortable, durable sofa that offers you firm support. Get this model if you need an affordable couch for your apartment or R&R room.

Where Can I Buy?

Ebay Logo

It is only available for purchase in offline stores. You can’t purchase it online, though you can order online and get it from the store.

Another option is to check eBay for offers.

SUMMARY: Get the Knislinge from your local Ikea store. It’s not as convenient as purchasing it online, but you get the chance to test it.

Questions & Answers

You know a lot about this model by now, but you might still have some questions left. Let’s see if we can answer them:

Is the Knislinge Sofa Durable?

Yes, most confirmed reviewers say they’ve had it for years before losing comfort. If you’re using it for Netflix binging every day, the covers and cushions might go faster. However, you can easily refill the pillows and purchase affordable covers from Amazon.

KnislingeIs the Knislinge Sofa Comfortable?

The Knislinge sofa is comfortable because it allows you to maintain a natural, anatomically correct position. As the Knislinge’s firm support corrects your posture and alleviates pain, you’ll be able to relax and feel comfortable for hours.

Can I Wash the Covers in the Machine?

No, Ikea Knislinge doesn’t have removable covers. If that is important for you, consider an Ikea Karlstad sectional for sale at a similar price.

Is the Knislinge Sofa Easy to Install?

It has a medium-difficulty installation level. You need two people for the job, and it will take about an hour.

SUMMARY: Get the Knislinge Sofa because it’s a value-for-money piece of furniture. It will last you for years, it will help you correct your posture, and it’s relatively easy to install.

KNISLINGE Idhult Black Sofa vs Signature Design by Ashley

Signature Design by Ashley and Knislinge Idhult Black Sofa have similar characteristics. They’re both made from faux leather, and they both offer a tilted design that takes the pressure off your back.

Signature Design by Ashley is best if:

  • You prefer cushiony couches because its seat cushions are plush and allow you to sink in.
  • You need more back and neck support because the backrest boasts two support pillows.
  • You prefer a wider couch that can seat more people.
  • You want a couch that you can order online.
  • You need a couch that comes fully assembled.

Knislinge Black Sofa is best if:

  • You prefer firm support that corrects your posture in time.
  • You need a narrower couch for three people that can fit in a smaller room.
  • You want to nap frequently. Signature Design by Ashley has spaces between the seat cushions, which might dig into your back when you lay down.
  • You want to save every penny.

SUMMARY: Get Knislinge Sofa if you want a more affordable couch with firm support, good for napping and smaller rooms. Get Signature Design by Ashley if you want a ready-assembled, wide, and plush couch for family time.



You could give an Ikea sofa a good shake and it could fall apart. The grey one you’re about to test is covered in matt hounds’ eyes and comes with a price tag of just $150. The KNISLINGE Sofa in Kings Wood might not be all its cracked up to be, but it’s also not as expensive as the $399.99 you’ll have to shell out if you want the “popular seat in brown leather,” according to the KNISLINGE website. So we might as well tear into this sucker right?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone have a KNISLINGE Sofa?

I have a KNISLINGE sofa, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. This piece of furniture has added a touch of elegance and comfort to my living room, and I’m happy to share my thoughts on it.

First and foremost, the design of the KNISLINGE sofa is exquisite. Its sleek, modern lines and the faux leather upholstery give it a timeless and sophisticated look. The rich, deep color of the faux leather complements various decor styles, making it a versatile choice for any room. The sofa’s overall appearance exudes a sense of luxury and refinement, all while being budget-friendly.

Comfort is paramount, and the KNISLINGE doesn’t disappoint. The cushions are generously padded, ensuring a cozy and relaxing sitting experience. The high backrest provides excellent support for your neck and back, making it an ideal spot for lounging or watching your favorite movies for extended periods. The wide armrests are perfect for placing a book or a drink, adding convenience to the comfort.

Durability is a critical factor for any piece of furniture, and the KNISLINGE sofa passes this test with flying colors. The faux leather is not only easy to clean but also holds up well over time, resisting wear and tear. The sturdy frame and robust construction promise longevity, making it a practical investment.

Assembly was surprisingly straightforward, and it came with clear instructions and all the necessary tools. I had it put together in no time, even without any prior DIY experience. The sofa’s removable and washable covers are a blessing for keeping it in pristine condition.

In terms of value for money, the KNISLINGE is a stellar choice. It offers the elegance and quality of more expensive options without breaking the bank. Whether you’re furnishing a new home or upgrading your existing living room, this sofa is an excellent addition.

In summary, my KNISLINGE sofa has been a fantastic addition to my home. It combines stylish design, exceptional comfort, durability, ease of assembly, and affordability. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality piece of furniture that can transform their living space into a cozy and stylish haven.

Is Jattebo Сomfortable?

Determining the comfort level of the Jattebo sofa involves considering several factors, including its design, materials, and user preferences. Jattebo sofas are known for their ergonomic features and plush cushioning, which contribute to overall comfort.

The comfort of a Jattebo sofa can be attributed to its thoughtful design and construction. These sofas typically feature a sturdy frame made from high-quality materials such as hardwood or engineered wood, ensuring stability and support. Additionally, Jattebo sofas often incorporate generous padding and cushioning in both the seat and backrest areas, providing ample support and comfort for extended periods of sitting.

Furthermore, Jattebo sofas may offer customizable features such as adjustable headrests or reclining mechanisms, allowing users to personalize their seating experience according to their preferences. This adaptability enhances overall comfort and usability, making Jattebo sofas suitable for various relaxation activities, from watching TV to lounging with a book.

In terms of materials, Jattebo sofas may utilize a range of upholstery options, including fabric or leather, each with its own unique feel and texture. While fabric upholstery offers softness and breathability, leather upholstery provides durability and a luxurious touch. Regardless of the chosen material, Jattebo sofas are designed to prioritize comfort without compromising on style or functionality.

User feedback on Jattebo sofas often highlights their comfort as a key selling point. Many users report feeling supported and relaxed while seated on a Jattebo sofa, attributing this comfort to its ergonomic design and quality construction. However, individual preferences may vary, and factors such as body type and personal comfort preferences can influence the perceived comfort level of any sofa, including Jattebo models.

In conclusion, Jattebo sofas are generally regarded as comfortable options due to their ergonomic design, plush cushioning, and customizable features. Whether you prefer fabric or leather upholstery, Jattebo sofas offer a blend of style and comfort that can enhance your lounging experience at home.

Final Words. Best Alternative Model

Get the Knislinge couch, especially if you have back pain because the high back and firm seat cushions align your hips and your spine. That means you’ll be able to keep a correct posture for hours.

Besides, the sofa cover is made with soft polyester that feels smooth on your skin, whether you’re napping or just sitting.

If you don’t have that much space in your home, you might consider a smaller model, such as the Loveseat or the 2-Seat Sofa. Conversely, if your living room is bigger, there’s always the Sectional.


If you prefer plush comfort and want a wider couch, Signature Design by Ashley is also a good choice.

Don’t lose the chance of getting an affordable, comfortable couch that will last you for years! Click below to get it now.