Best Leather Sofa Brands of 2020 (Buyers Guide & Reviews)

Sofas are your living room’s centerpiece. It’s the one constant place where you, your family, and your guests are naturally drawn towards.

And any seat worth their salt must have these two basic requirements: they have to look good, and they have to be comfortable.

A good leather sofa can easily provide you with both of these things. And nothing screams class and elegance like fine leather upholstery.

By testing out multiple furniture brands, I’ve compiled the best sofas money can buy.

If you want to avoid spending an inordinate amount of money on a sofa that doesn’t meet your standards, read my review where I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you!

Below Are Top-rated Leather Sofas (Updated List for 2020)

The best leather sofas brands are always made from high-quality materials and sport durable designs. But not every needs and preferences are the same.

So I’ve made sure to cover a wide selection that will have varying features and designs.

Whether you like your leather couch modern or traditional, feature-heavy or bare-bones, you may find what you want from my leather sofa reviews below.

Below are the best leather furniture brands and models:

1. Chesterfield Modern Couch w/Tufted Arms – #1 Best Quality Leather Sofa (Editor’s Choice)


This classic leather couch from Chesterfield stands out from the rest for a number of reasons. For one, its distinctive yet design can fit the aesthetics of a traditional home decor or act as an accent piece for a more modern one.

So in terms of compatibility, it’s pretty versatile. Here are a few other sofa features that make this model a top pick in my book:

  • The deep button-tufting design is built for both comfort and design. The problem with most products is that they retain heat, which can get uncomfortable during the hotter months. The tufted design gives extra breathing space to keep the sofa cooler.
  • The scrolled arms give extra space for leaning. This traditional design not only adds an extra touch of class to the sofa, but it also provides a comfortable place to lean against.
  • The individual seat cushions make sure that each seated person is comfortable. All the cushions of this buttery soft model are plumped up, with a good balance of firmness and support.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain. The faux leather material that this sofa uses is of high-quality, so you’re essentially getting the benefits of authentic leather for a fraction of the price.
Easy cleaning and maintenance

Easy to assembly

Firm yet comfortable high-density cushions

Versatile design

The tufted design offers extra cooling

Gives ample support and comfort for taller and heavier people

Limited color options

Summary: This traditional Chesterfield sofa is a great pick if you’re looking for a high-quality faux leather unit that provides ample support and comfort.


2. Colosseo Natuzzi – Best Reclining Leather Sofa

Colosseo Natuzzi Leather Sofa

The Natuzzi leather chair combines functionality with high-end materials, and their sofa variant is no different.

If you’ve been to a Natuzzi outlet or read a Natuzzi catalog, you’re probably feeling hesitant because of the steep price points.

But after trying out their sofa, the quality you get is really befitting of its price.

  • The padding that combines goose down, Memory Foam, and polyurethane provide comfort. My friend, who has back problems, loves this seat because it gives enough support to keep the user comfortable over long periods of sitting.
  • Natuzzi leather furniture dealers let you customize ir to suit your preferences. You can pick between corner and in-line models, as well as the option to include the relaxation function to satisfy every style and space need. And much like other Natuzzi editions, you can turn the seat modules into potential storage units.
  • The Triple-motion function lets you adjust your seat. It uses three independent motors that change the position of the backrest, footrest, and headrest. If you’ve seen the Natuzzi sofa Costco offers, this is most likely the first function they’ll show you because it’s one of the most noteworthy.
  • The Zero Wall system saves a lot of living room space. You don’t have to move it away from the wall just to recline it.
Unique padding offers both comfort and support

You can customize it to suit your preferences

Triple-motion function

Real leather

Zero Wall system

Sleek leather couch design

High price

Summary: The Colosseo from Natuzzi is a state of the art model that combines the best materials with ergonomic and space-saving technology. This seat is a good investment if you don’t mind a model that’s on the pricier side.

3. Yaheetech Futon Sofa Bed – Best Budget Model

Yaheetech Leather Sofa

The Yaheetech Sofa bed is a great unit if you’re on a tight budget. Despite its affordable price, this model jam-packed with useful features and made from durable materials. My aunt has one in her home for over a year now, and it still looks like new.

  • This affordable recliner can act as a bed for a more relaxing experience. The middle armrests can be folded down, and the backrest can be fully reclined to turn this loveseat into a comfortable sleeper sofa in mere seconds.
  • The space-saving function makes it suitable for smaller homes. Dimensions are 32in in length, 66in in width, and 29in in height, so it can fit tight spaces easily.
  • It comes with two cup holders that are great for movie nights or parties. These convenient holders give you a place where you have instant access to your favorite beverages.
  • Its firm padding and cushioned back provides ample comfort and support. I tested it by using for long periods, and this unit is definitely one of the more comfortable I’ve tried.
  • It’s very easy to assemble. All the hardware and legs can be found in a hidden compartment in the sofa’s base. Setting up took me less than 15 minutes without any help.
Recliner/sleeper function

Comfortable padding


Easy assembly


Designed with 2 cup holders

This product might be too short to sleep on for bigger individuals.

Summary: The Yaheetech Futon Sofa Bed is a couch and a bed all in one unit. If you want a comfortable leather reclining sofa that’s affordable, this model is one of your best bets.


4. Mid-Century Modern Solid Loveseat Sofa Upholstered Faux Leather

Mid-Century Sofa

This Mid-Century sofa is simplicity at its finest. It’s one of those higher-end faux-leather seats that offer a good balance between affordability and quality.

Its elegant design and deep colors make it suitable for most home interiors / home decors, so you won’t have much trouble incorporating it into your abode.

  • It’s easy to assemble. The detailed instructions that come with the package make it easy for even one person to set this sofa up.
  • The thick seat and backrest feel sturdy and comfortable. This sofa’s padding is made from high-density sponge might feel too stiff for some, but it still provides ample support. If you’ve tested this model for yourself and dislike the padding but love the design, the Cresley is a good alternative.
  • The solid wooden legs are built to last a long time. They act as a part of the frame, where the sofa’s legs and arms are all one piece to reduce the number of potential weak points.
  • The compact size can fit most homes. Unlike other models that only have one size option can choose between standard and large for this Mid-Century leather unit.
Easy assembly

Thick padding

Solid wooden frame

Compact size

Cushions might be too stiff for some

Summary: The Mid-Century Modern Solid Loveseat Sofa Upholstered Faux Leather is a good budget option for those who want something simple and sturdy. It might not have the flashy features of more expensive models, but this sleek product still makes for a good investment that will last you a long time.


5. HONGSHENG Simple Retro Country Style Sofa – Best Luxury Leather Couch

HONGSHENG Simple Retro Country Style

If you like the Colosseo’s high-quality build but could go without the extra fluff, this HONGSHENG is an excellent choice.

The unit’s traditional and intricate design makes it an excellent fit to be your living room’s centerpiece.

  • Its sponge padding provides ample comfort. You can sit for more extended periods without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Its solid wood frame and leather upholstery feel very durable. I have yet to test this unit’s durability thoroughly, but my friend, who owns one, has been using it regularly for almost half a year now (with occasional cleaning and maintenance). And it hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tear.
  • The manufacturer allows customization. You can choose between multiple sizes and color options (including brown leather and black leather) if you don’t like the base model’s appearance or specifications.
Comfortable padding

Durable build

Multiple sizes and color options

The leather finish might be too shiny for some


Summary: The HONGSHENG Simple Retro Country Style Sofa uses high-quality materials to create a durable seat that sports a classic traditional look. If you’ve got more to spend on a couch, this HONGSHENG model gives excellent value for your money.


6. Leather Contemporary Sofa by BestMassage

This faux-leather option can transform from a loveseat into a comfortable sleeper in one easy motion.

Sofa Leather Loveseat Sofa Sectional Sofa

I’ve had high expectations with this product because BestMassage is known for their ergonomic furniture, and it didn’t disappoint.

  • The soft polyurethane material is easy to clean and maintain. Because this sofa uses faux leather, it’s much more affordable and is less prone to scratching than genuine leather.
  • The plush cushions give extra comfort and support. Leather furniture get a bad rap for being less comfy than their cloth counterparts, and this one of best sectional quality sofas that easily prove otherwise. This unit uses memory foam that molds itself to the shape of its user for maximum support.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are easy. Just spot clean the sofa using a damp cloth and blot it dry.
Faux leather is less prone to scratching

Memory foam cushions give ample support

Easy maintenance

Easy assembly


The texture of leather might feel too slippery for some

Summary: This BestMassage sofa uses an excellent combination of materials that’s ergonomic, convenient, and durable.


7. Red Barrel Studio Asbury Leather Reclining Sofa – Top Grain Leather Sofa

Red Barrel Studio Asbury Leather Reclining Sofa

Looking for something a little more tech-friendly? This buttery soft sofa uses top grain leather and intricate designs to make for a beautiful and comfortable reclining sofa.

  • It’s USB charging ports make for a convenient way to power up your devices. You don’t have to worry about your phone or laptop dying on you. With its conveniently located ports, you can use your gadgets all day long, all in the comfort of your recliner.
  • Its reclining feature lets you situate yourself in a more relaxed, resting position. It’s also power-activated, so you don’t have to recline the unit manually. This can also be seen as a minor drawback because you need to have power if you want to use the reclining option.
  • The upholstery is made from the finest quality top grain Italian leather. Not only does it look like a luxurious seat, but it also feels smoother and softer than any other leather material. But this high-quality material equates to a steeper price. If you want some excellent alternatives, I recommend the Hancock Moore leather furniture or maybe have a look at some jake leather sofa reviews.
Beautiful finish

Easy assembly

Convenient USB ports

Power reclining function

High-quality build

Seat cushion might be too narrow for bigger individuals


Summary: The tech-forward Asbury from Red Barrel Studio comes with USB charging ports and a power reclining function that provides additional convenience to go with its high-quality leather build.

8. Orlando Leather Sofa

Orlando Leather Sofa

The Orlando is a low profile unit that, unlike most sofas, provides a modern and clean look.

It’s sleek and simple design combined with a versatile hue makes it a great option for most homes.

  • Its high-density foam padding feels comfortable and supportive. I’ve had one in my office for a while now, and it has retained its original shape even with regular use.
  • The neutral colors fit well with any aesthetic. You can choose between white, grey, and black, all of which sport a smooth and slightly shiny finish. And unlike your conventional leather finishes like the one you’d get from an American heritage sofa or presidential custom leather, this model has a single-noted color that looks very clean and simple.
  • The solid hardwood frames and metal legs are very durable. Because of this robust design, Orlando can easily support up to 900 pounds of weight.
Sleek and modern design

High-density foam padding

Durable build


Summary: Orlando combines the classic elegance of high-quality leather and a design that fits the modern taste of many homeowners.

9. Trent Austin Design Bombay Sofa

Trent Austin Design Bombay Leather Sofa

If you’re looking for a leather seat with a mid-century design, I recommend the Trent Austin Sofa.

It uses genuine leather with a distressed (aged) finish that’s eye-catching. And it can easily fit the aesthetic of both modern and traditional homes.

  • The leather bolster pillows, web suspension, and foam cushions provide comfortable support. The seats themselves feel fairly firm while the back cushion is softer.
  • The package comes with bolster and tosses pillows for added aesthetic. The former has the same color and material as the sofa, while the latter comes in a different design that accents the seat’s solid hue.
  • Its retro look makes for a simple and elegant addition to any home. With track arms, tapered legs, and a tufted seat, this sofa looks as good as it feels if you’re looking for other similarly built models, I recommend the birch lane Landry sofa or the Anders denim leather.
Comfortable design

Comes with bolster and toss pillows

Beautiful retro-look

Bottom cushion might be too stiff for some

Summary: The Trent Austin Design Bombay Leather Sofa is an excellent authentic leather option for those who love the look mid-century style designs.

10. AllModern Custom Upholstery Foster Sofa

AllModern Custom Upholstery Foster Leather Sofa

If you want a beautiful sofa that gives importance to durability above all else, I recommend this model from AllModern.

This product uses Barbed T-nuts that are driven into place to provide high holding power.

And its Seat springs use tempered steel attached and connected with spring clips and flex cords for maximum uniformity and stability.

  • This genuine leather unit comes in 15 different dye colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits the look of your home.
  • Its cushions are removable and reversible, which can be useful for a quick style change.
  • Its precision-cut frames improve the sofa’s overall strength. AllModern uses 3D drafting software that precision-cuts all the frame’s parts, so they fit together with extreme accuracy.
Very durable build

Multiple color options

Removable and reversible cushions

Dimensions are slightly shorter than advertised

Summary: The AllModern Custom Upholstery Foster Leather Sofa is an excellent investment piece because its durable design and high-quality materials are sure to last you a very long time.

11. Red Barrel Studio Arine Sofa

Red Barrel Studio Arine Sofa

Another model from Red Barrel Studio, the Arine is a handsome three-seater that can easily elevate your home’s design.

This faux leather model is also more affordable, but it’s definitely not lacking when it comes to useful features.

  • It’s fade-resistant. Unlike natural leather, that’s meant to give a slightly faded look over time; the material used on this sofa stays the same. Baja leather designs also provide similarly-built furniture if you’re looking for alternatives.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain. Just apply your leather-friendly cleaner or conditioner and wipe it using a soft cloth.
  • This model meets California’s standards for fire retardant. While not necessarily an essential feature, it’s undoubtedly a good thing to have in the event of a fire-related emergency.


Easy cleaning and maintenance


Lack of color options

Summary: The Arine’s special fade-resistant feature is excellent for those who like the look of new genuine leather and prefer to have it stay that way.

What is Special About Leather Couches?

Leather Sofas

Classic leather furniture immediately adds a touch of sophistication in any living room.

Unlike other upholstery, leather can look good with most aesthetics.

And apart from their refined appearance, they also come with other benefits:

  • With proper maintenance and care, leather sofas will last you a long time.
  • Leather do not attract allergens, unlike other materials.
  • Leather are less prone to color degradation.
  • Leather don’t absorb off odors as easily as cloth models.
  • Leather are both soft and durable, which is ideal for pets and small kids.

Summary: Even if you do your own research and read up on furniture reviews consumer reports, you’ll find that the general consensus for leather sofas is that they’re durable, less prone to absorbing odors, and easy to clean and maintain.

Which is Better Fabric or Leather?

Here’s a complete breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing either of the two:


Can look good in a traditional and modern setting

Won’t harbor allergens like dust mites or pet dander

Easy cleaning

Easy maintenance

Long lifespan without deteriorating in color or quality

Stain and damage resistant, so it’s great for dogs and small kids

Holds their shape better

Limited color options

Generally more expensive

Repairs are more expensive

Retains heat

Fabric Sofas

A wide range of fabric options to choose from

Generally more soft comfortable

Less prone to scratching

Generally less expensive

Different styles and color for fabrics

Easier and cheaper upholstery change

Not allergy-friendly

Regular cleaning and vacuuming might not be enough to remove allergens

Lower-quality materials can be a harder thing to clean and more prone to staining. And there’s normally no easy way to clean cream or white fabrics and remove their stains.

The aesthetic might not match the décor of your current home

Fabric colors might fade over time sun exposure

More prone to accumulating odors

Summary: Leather are generally longer lasting and resistant to damage, but are also more expensive. Fabric, on the other hand, are cheaper, but they tend to attract allergens and have less durability.

What is the Highest Quality Leather?

There are two types most consider to be the best leather you’ll find in the market:

Full Grain LeatherFull Grain Leather

  • Retains the look and feel of the actual hide
  • Initially tough, but softens over time
  • Pure material equates to a very high price. (You can check the full-grain sofa Costco offers or wait for full grain leather sofa clearance for a more affordable purchase.)

Top Grain Leather

  • Similar to full-grain in terms of purity
  • Goes through a buffing process to give a softer look and feel

Summary: Full grain and top grain are the highest quality leather you’ll find in the market, where the former is more rugged and tough, and the latter gives a softer look and finish.

Final Words

I’ve rated all the most popular leather sofas and whittled them down to the top 11, but which one makes the best fit for you?

  • I recommend the Colosseo Natuzzi if you can afford to invest in a quality model that’s space-saving, ergonomic, and fully customizable.
  • If you’re on a tighter budget, the Yaheetech Futon is a faux-leather option that provides the same level of durability and comfort as high-end units.

However, the Chesterfield Modern Leather Sofa Couch w/Tufted Arms is my top choice. It can look great in any home, it’s easy to clean, and it’s so comfortable that the hours seem to slip by every time you use it.

Treat yourself with best leather couch today and give your home a fresh and elegant look!